What's the market like?

Dated: January 17 2022

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People often ask REALTORS®, "what's the market like?" Or "what are interest rates doing?" AND most agents have a general answer of it's great! or it's really busy! or Rates are at around X%.  While these answers sometimes give you a general idea of the "market", it doesn't paint a true and full picture of what you most likely want to really know, which may be "What's my home worth?"  or "Should I sell/buy now or wait?" and that's two-fold. 

1. You don't want some "pushy salesperson" breathing down your back or pestering you every two minutes because you are just a little curious.

2. You don't want some b.s. "auto-response" like 'of course, you should sell now' or 'when do you want to list it' or something else off-putting.

What you may be asking in an abbreviated way is, IS IT RIGHT FOR ME, RIGHT NOW?  And that's where we as REALTORS need to be "that guy or gal" and start to answer the question with a series of questions.  The main one is, what's your primary motivation for moving right now?

If it's for relocation for a job or a time-sensitive reason that will come to light a lot faster and makes the decision a lot easier (even if it might not be the most desired option for you). Then you have the test the market factor which we have seen a little more over the past couple of years.  With the market increasing due to the lowest interest rates and high demand from buyers it has sent prices higher on a year-over-year average than we've seen in a long time...at least in our Iowa markets. Giving the sellers the option to sell quicker and capture that equity for the next purchase. If they themselves can then find another home as well...that's for another day.  

So, is it right FOR YOU...let's find out. Ask an agent that goes beyond and knows its #HumansOverHouses and not just a deal, but a relationship and honesty and respect with going further than general responses.  We want to find out what makes you tick so we can answer those questions and make your move as smooth as possible.  Make it a great day! 

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